Your stepping stone into the Netherlands

DTS Dutch Trust Services (“DTS”) is a reputable independent small trust company which is privately owned by its management.
The trust market in the Netherlands has become one of mass production, e.g. thousands of companies registered on the same address, so-called “personal directors” who are also the director of 30-80 other companies at the same time.
DTS was founded on the belief that the trust market needs a different approach. We strongly believe in a pro-active personal approach so being there for you before and on the moment that you need to take a decision. We therefore encourage you to use us for our expertise and experience, and regard us as a member of your team. This way we are in the best position to properly assist you in the most efficient manner creating the highest added value possible. Moreover this approach creates a non-artificial level of substance in the Netherlands enabling you to fully benefit from your Dutch company. DTS has extensive experience in the international and national trust, tax and legal profession. As a result we have excellent contacts with national and international tax advisors, law firms, public notaries, auditors and banks. Based on the above we strongly believe that we are your ideal stepping stone into the Netherlands and the rest of the world.