DTS Dutch Trust Services B.V. (DTS) is a reputable independent boutique trust company, which is privately owned by its management. DTS has a focus on the Asian market (e.g. South-Korea, Japan).

Our vision is to become your most trusted corporate advisor in the Netherlands.

To achieve this we invest in our relationships, endeavour to be pro-active and personal in our approach and provide you with expert knowledge and practical solutions.

Our aim is to be considered  a member of your team who can be trusted  to assist you in the most efficient manner. In our view this approach creates a genuine level of substance in the Netherlands enabling you to fully benefit from your Dutch company.

DTS’s management has extensive experience in the international and national trust, tax and legal profession. In addition DTS has excellent network of contacts with national and international tax advisors, law firms, public notaries, auditors and banks.

Dutch Central Bank Licensee

On 17 May 2011 the Dutch Central Bank granted DTS a license allowing DTS to start with its activities. As a result DTS is now included in the register of licensed Trust Offices of the Dutch Central Bank.