We take care in an active personal way

DTS will be your stepping stone into the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Based on our extensive experience we are well equipped to cover all matters involved in setting up your Dutch (holding and/or finance) company. Depending on your needs, purposes of your Dutch company and your situation we can assist you with:

  • choosing the most suitable legal form for your Dutch company
  • setting up your Dutch company
  • registration of your Dutch company¬†with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • registration of your Dutch company with the Dutch tax authorities
  • searching for the suitable external advisors
  • making sure you get the best value for money
  • searching for a suitable office space

Setting up your Dutch company is the easy part. Making sure that your Dutch company meets the Dutch compliance & filing obligations year in year out is usually the bigger challenge. As we have extensive experience in servicing Dutch companies from a legal, tax and trust perspective, we know what it takes to comply with these obligations in a timely matter.

We strongly believe in a pro active personal approach so being there for you before and on the moment that you need to make a decision. We therefore encourage you to use us for our local expertise and experience and regard us as a member of your team. This way we are in the best position to properly assist you in the most efficient manner. Moreover this approach creates a non artificial level of substance in the Netherlands enabling you to fully benefit from your Dutch company.