How can we be sure that DTS Dutch Trust Services B.V. is a reputable company ?

Only trust offices complying with the statutory requirements on the trustworthiness and expertise of persons who determine policy at a trust office, and with the requirements concerning operations and organisation, will receive a license from DCB. DTS received such a license from the Dutch Central Bank and is included in DCB’s public register (click this link for the register).

Upon request we can provide you with client references.

The owners of DTS have all a law degree and extensive work experience over 20 years in the professional services industry

Why should we use a small trust company such as DTS instead of one of the larger trust companies ?

With the larger trust companies you will be treated as a number. You will be one the 20,000 companies that is registered on the same address. Your so-called personal trust director is also the director of 30-80 other companies at the same time. Click here to see TV special of reputable Dutch news channel regarding the mass production of large trust companies.

DTS strongly believes in a pro active personal approach so being there for you before and on the moment that you need to make a decision. We therefore encourage you to use us for our local expertise and experience and regard us as a member of your team. This way we are in the best position to properly assist you in the most efficient manner. Moreover this approach creates a genuine level of substance in the Netherlands enabling you to fully benefit from your Dutch company.