Managing your Dutch company

DTS provides the following services: 

Company Formation Services

DTS has the knowledge & experience to support and coordinate the entire incorporation process working in close connection with its trusted professional contacts such as public notaries, lawyers, bankers and tax advisors. Our formation services include:

  • Assisting with the selection of the desired legal entity or partnership
  • Assisting with incorporation of the legal entity or partnership
  • Registration of the legal entity with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • Registration of the legal entity with the Dutch Tax Authorities
  • Opening a bank account for the legal entity
  • Assist the client with choosing the most suitable advisors if needed

Domiciliation & Corporate (Secretarial) Services

DTS is licensed by the Dutch Central Bank to use its company address to provide domicile to its clients. Our domiciliation services include:

  • Providing your company with a registered address
  • Maintaining corporate records of your company such as the financial administration, shareholders register, board minutes, etc.
  • Processing and forwarding mail
  • Arranging for local office space, local staff, office equipment, and office infrastructure (e.g. internet connection, telephone connection, fax line)

Management Services

DTS is licensed by the Dutch Central Bank to provide personal and corporate (managing) directorships. Our management services include:

  • Personal and/or corporate directorship of your Dutch company
  • Day-to-day management including:
    • processing the daily correspondence (e.g. mail and e-mail)
    • coordination of all contacts with your colleagues and external advisors
  • Organising, attending and recording of Board meetings and Shareholders meetings
  • Drafting, reviewing and executing documents to be signed on behalf of your Dutch company
  • Monitor the local registration formalities
  • Communication with governmental authorities and the Central Bank
  • Administration of the bank accounts of your company including monitoring incoming and outgoing payments
  • Liquidation services

Accounting Services

DTS management has extensive experience with accounting and reporting matters. Our services include:

  • Setting up the company’s administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts
  • Monthly reporting

Tax (Compliance) Services

DTS management has over 25 years of experience with Dutch and International tax matters and provides the following services:

  • Registration of your Dutch company with the Dutch tax authorities
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns (VAT & Corporate Income Tax)
  • Assist with tax audits
  • Obtain certificates of residence,
  • Prepare and file participation exemption and functional currency rulings