Why us

Reasons to choose Dutch Trust Services

How can we be sure that DTS Dutch Trust Services Cooperatief U.A. is a reputable company ?
Only trust offices complying with the statutory requirements on the trustworthiness and expertise of persons who determine policy at a trust office, and with the requirements concerning operations and organisation, will receive a license from the Dutch Central Bank (“DCB”). DTS received such a license from the DCB and is included in DCB’s public register (click this link for the register).

Why should we use a small trust company such as DTS instead of one of the larger trust companies ?
With the larger trust companies you will be treated as a number. You will be one of thousands of companies that is registered on the same address. Your so-called personal trust director is also the director of 30-80 other companies at the same time. DTS strongly believes in a pro active personal approach so being there for you before and on the moment that you need to make a decision. We therefore encourage you to use us for our local expertise and experience and regard us as a member of your team. This way we are in the best position to properly assist you in the most efficient manner. Moreover this approach creates a non artificial level of substance in the Netherlands enabling you to fully benefit from your Dutch company.